Are you Concerned About Your roof?

Our Maryland Roofing Experts can Help!

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Mid-Atlantic Gutters has an experienced team that can analyze your roof to determine whether it needs a repair or replacement.  Our team will provide a quick, no-hassle estimate that will help you understand the overall condition of your roof and assist you with making a plan for repair or replacement.  We will do our very best to work within YOUR budget! Read on to learn about the warning signs that can signal potentially hazardous roofing problems:

1) Are your Shingles Cracked or Missing?

Find an area where you can view the entire roofing surface (or as much as possible), and take note of any missing or cracked shingles. When shingles are cracked or missing, this means that these areas of your roof are the most vulnerable to water damage, mold, and mildew.  Continue to follow the remaining steps.

2) Are your Roofing Shingles Curling up?

While they may not be cracked or missing, your shingles may be curling. Curled shingles signify an aging roof, and these curled edges may allow rain, ice, snow, or other elements to damage the wood underneath.

3) Is there Mildew in the Attic?

If you see any of the concerns listed in steps one and two, climb into the attic and inspect all surfaces for signs of mildew. Mildew can be seen as a light or dark colored area on plywood, and may sometimes be found under insulation.  If there is even slight amount of mildew in your attic, there may be roof leak that involves water damage.

 4) Is there any Unusual Moisture in the Attic?

You may or may not find mildew, but it is wise to search for unusual moisture. Is the insulation damp, or the floorboards slightly moist?  These are warning signals that there may be a roofing issues that should be looked at by a professional.

Catch the issues before they become a larger problem and contact Mid-Atlantic Gutters and More today for your FREE roofing estimate!