Why Should I Upgrade My Windows?

Save Money, Increase Value, and Improve Comfort!

Windows in Rockville, Silver Spring, and Surrounding Areas

Windows in Silver Spring, MarylandIs your home more than 15 years old? Do you find yourself chilled by a draft on the cold days? Are your windows “sticky” in their frames? Do your energy bills climb year after year?

If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding “Yes!” it may be time for new windows.

Save frustration, decrease your energy bills, and increase the value of your home with new Energy Star Windows from Mid-Atlantic Gutters.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Windows

Improve Comfort – Snuggle Together During the Cold Weather!

Get rid of those drafts for good!

A consistently comfortable home allows you to place your furniture wherever you choose – no more worrying about placing your favorite sofa in front of a window. New windows eliminate drafts by minimizing heat exchange between the outside air and the warmed interior air of your home.

Beauty – Curb Appeal Matters

Improve the curb appeal of your home with new windows.

Today’s windows come in a variety of sizes, styles, grid colors, and grid patterns. Whether you desire a simple and stately look, or an elegant and refined look for your home, you can achieve the style of your dreams while choosing from our large catalog of windows.

Window Styles

Window Grid Patterns

Window Grid Colors

Energy Savings – More Money in your Pocketbook!

According to the US Department of Energy, a home that chooses new Energy Star windows saves up to $465 a year on utility bills when replacing single pane windows.

New windows will have an energy performance rating, and your savings will be based upon this score. The rating includes each particular window’s heat gain, heat loss, and sunlight transmittance.

Learn more about window energy performance ratings here:  Energy Performance Ratings for Windows, Doors, and Skylights

Home Value Increase – High Benefits, High Return

New windows are financially beneficial to not only your utility bill, but also to the overall value of your home.

According to the NARI Remodeling Impact Survey, new vinyl windows ranked second (new roofing came in first!) to home buyers when asked which exterior projects had the most appeal when they are searching for a new home. A full 21% of Realtors have recommended to their sellers that they add new vinyl windows before attempting to sell, and 10% of those Realtors stated that the new windows resulted in the closing of a sale.

The percent of value recovered from a window replacement is approximately 80% – one of the highest returns of any home remodeling project!

High-Quality New Windows in Maryland

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